Retiree Lifeline Promo
Curt Whipple's Retiree Lifeline (written for those age 50 and up) is designed to help take away the fear and dread of the markets and how they can negatively affect your retirement. It provides a 'lifeline' that helps mature adults get back in control of their financial future. A 'lifeline' that can help get the government out of your pocket and teach you strategies that your current broker or financial advisor may be missing. This book can and will help save many retirements! Do you want yours to be one of them?
Here are just  a few of the topics in this book that you will discover:
 How 3 colors Can Put YOU in Control Of Your
    Financial Retirement Instead OF A STOCK BROKER
  Why Most Retirement Plans WILL FAIL And How To
    Make Sure Yours Isn't One Of Them
  How To Get The Most Income Out Of Your IRA Or
    Retirement Account With The Least Amount Of Tax
  Why Your 401k Plan Could Be Destroying Your Future
  How To Prepare For The Coming Inflation So You Don't
    Run Out Of Money Too Soon
  And Much, Much More!