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Please join us for an interesting and educational complimentary Dinner Workshop for Retirees and Near Retirees. You and 3 guests age 50 and over are cordially invited to join us for a gourmet dinner in February in Brighton at Ciao Amici's or March in Northville at Garage Grill and Fuel Bar ... If you are retired, or about to retire, this workshop is for you!
You will learn about:

The 3 biggest misconceptions that your CPA, attorney and financial advisor may be missing that could be costing you thousands per year!!! Most investors are affected by at least 2.


The two most important questions you must ask right now if you own bonds or bond funds.


How you can legally reduce or eliminate Social Security taxes, IRA taxation and income taxes. 


The misconceptions surrounding the choice between buy and hold versus timing the market.


If your tax return contains one of these 3 items, you will most likely pay more than your necessary share of taxes. Stop this and save taxes now!


How you can increase your interest earnings while safeguarding your investments from risk.


How to maximize your IRA or pass it to your children or grandchildren without giving most of it to the IRS.


Why America’s wealthiest families are removing their children’s names as beneficiaries on annuities and qualified plans. (Don’t worry, the kids will actually get more!)


How to solve your long-term care problem without paying annual long term care insurance premiums.


...And Much, Much More!